Megan + Chris Engagement Session

Engaged Couple with Dog

Brown County State Park

This couple IS ADORABLE! And I’m so glad they found me!!

Chris is the son of my sweet co-worker Lynn from my old bank job and LUCKILY – we both escaped! LOL I was so excited when she told me her son had found the most amazing girl to marry and that she would pass my info along to Megan when they were ready to start searching for a wedding photographer.

Megan and I spoke quite a few times and she told me all the details of planning their Spring 2021 wedding at Daniels Vineyard and I am so, so thankful that they didn’t originally plan a 2020 wedding with how crazy COVID hit us all.

Megan and Chris met through their jobs and they previously lived in Colorado. Because of that, they both share a love of the mountains and great outdoors. They wanted to incorporate that into their session and we discovered that Brown County State Park was as close as we could get in the flatlands of Indiana!

Next, we moved over to these steps situated by Ogle Lake and I LOVED this spot! So scenic!

One thing I immediately noticed about them when they started to interact is their genuine smiles and connection with one another. You can tell they both absolutely adore one another. Chris is definitely the comedian of the group, but I think Megan probably keeps him grounded and in line!

I LOVE that Megan and Chris included their dog Jasper in their photos!
The gorgeous ring and bride to be!

Y’all we checked the weather about a billion and 1 times and there was literally NO.RAIN.IN.SIGHT — and guess what? It started to RAIN during their outfit change. It turned into a hot and muggy mess outside, but these two were troopers and we tried our best to work through it, but ultimately had to cut their session a bit short.

On the way out of the park, we stopped at the overlook to get some of the amazing scenery in the background. Seriously so stunning if you’ve never made your way out to Brown County before, I highly recommend!

You guys, your wedding is only a couple of weeks away and I could not be more excited to photograph and celebrate with you and your families! It is such an honor to have this opportunity to do what I love and provide you with memories for years to come!

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