Torok-Lee Family Summer Session and Sora is 3

at Flat Fork Creek Park

This is my second session with this sweet family. Sora and my oldest daughter Skylar are super close in age and went to daycare together up until I became a stay at home mom right before the Corona-pocolypse!

Celesta and I met through all the fun little classroom get togethers that daycare put on, so when it was time for his first birthday, we got some photos and now, you guys, he’s 3 YEARS OLD! Cue the tears! These babies are growing up wayyy too fast!

I love watching Celesta and Dusty interact with Sora. They are so sweet and playful with him. We did a super quick session, which is really perfect for a little one, but were able to get quite a few great photos. The light was soooo pretty this morning. If you are thinking about doing an early morning session — DO IT! The light IS.SO.PRETTY! It’s totally worth it, even if you have to pound 5 coffees ahead of time — and then you have the whole rest of the day to relax!! Anyways, lets check out the golden goodness and these sweet, sweet smiles! <3

Also, I LOOOOVED Celesta’s outfit choices here!! So cute with Sora’s sweet dino shirt!
Sora was about to turn 3 so we brought along a prop to commemorate! He also saw an airplane and had to stop mid pose to point it out!
I seriously love getting photos of mom + dad alone! The light peeking thru the trees makes this so romantic! Also, these two are adorbs together!!
I love including those funny faces and personality pics! He’s clearly looking at me crazy for making silly noises!
I love that he brought along his Pooh bear he’s had since he was a babe! So sweet to include that special lovey in milestone photos!

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