What To Wear for Family Sessions

Hi there! I often get asked what to wear for sessions, so I decided to finally make a blog post about it for all of my clients. I thought about how and why I typically dress my family in the outfits I do for our own photo sessions and tried to put that thought process into words for you guys to follow!

First let me start by saying that comfort and confidence are key. If you feel great, comfortable, and confident in your outfit, you are going to look the same in your images. I, personally, never wear high heels so you will not find me dead trying to skate around in heels for my own family session. HA — I’m sweating just thinking about it! BUT if those extra couple of inches make you feel confident — don’t let me stop you from rocking them! You do you! Now, lets get started …


The print can be a floral, plaid, polka dots, etc. The more colors in your print or pattern, the more options you have for other family members. The print really can be on anyone in the photo. While mixing prints and patterns is possible – it can be tricky! If you want to play it safe, I recommend only picking one.


This is where everything comes together! The remaining family members can use the print colors to pick out their clothes. This allows everyone to have some freedom to express their own individual personalities while still coordinating with one another. This also can prevent everyone from matching completely. If you are planning an extended family session, an easy way to do this is to send a photo of the print or color scheme you’ve chosen to the rest of the family and let them do their thing! There are a few more recommendations below, but they are very simple!


This goes for EVERYONE. The reason for this rule is large logos, words and characters can quickly date an image. It’s hard to make the time to get a family portrait taken, you want that image to last as LONG as it can without becoming dated! Classic is always best – and a big picture of Elsa (our current family fav) or some trendy phrase that more than likely will go out of style quickly. Try to keep it classic!


Family photos where everyone wears the same exact outfit was once a trend, but now dated and tends to not show personality! Letting everyone in the family pick their own clothes means they are going to be comfortable and confident during the session which makes for better facial expressions and a relaxed environment. The results are always a fun and cohesive style that lets everyone be themselves.


Often, my favorite thing about photoshoot outfits are the accessories. These are some of the best ways to show off your personality PLUS they can give your hands something to do, which can sometimes feel awkward during photos! Hats, scarves, statement necklaces, fun shoes, hair accessories, a tie or pocket square, or layers! Plus, depending on weather for the day of you session, you can always pull off or put on layers, but they give lots of texture to photos as well! Another plus is if someone has a spill or accident during the session (hello spit up and coffee stains – the worst!) you have a backup or something to disguise the blemish!


If you’re really not sure about any of this — ask! I have people send me photos of outfits while they are shopping or choosing from what they have available in their closets. If you don’t feel comfortable utilizing my knowledge on the subject, ask a friend who has great style. They’ll take it as a huge compliment and probably give you outstanding advice on the topic.


Pinterest is a great starting point. You can search for photoshoot outfit ideas and even add in what season you are in. Another good search term is “Photoshoot color combos”. Lastly, if there is a store you love purchasing clothes from you can also add that in your search terminology as well and see what pops up! So cool!

Here is a link to the board I’ve created, but feel free to browse yourself. There are so many great ideas on there and is updated so often!

One of my fav blogs is justpostedblog.com and they even have links to purchase items in the outfit designs they post! Perfect for all those Amazon moms and online shoppers like me! I’ll link below for that as well! Happy shopping friends!

XOXO- Kendra

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